Tuesday, August 4, 2009

craving chocolate?

bet you aren't anymore.
your skinny jeans are now attainable.
just think of these words:
"solid chocolate...
in the shape of a human sized poop."
craving cured.
throwing up in mouth- optional.


  1. Disgusting, but it would make a great gag gift!

  2. throw-up in mouth wasn't optional-I just did it. :)

  3. Ever since I saw the link to your blog on facebook, I just can't get enough!! Too funny!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm passing along the "Sisterhood Award" to you!


    Come by, check it out and pass it along!!

  4. I am not kidding- I had an actual nightmare about that thing last night, after seeing this post.

  5. I think they are right. Not everyone deserves flowers. What a thoughtful gift to give the jerk in your life:)

  6. Okay okay. Imagine this:
    You're walking down the street and see someone.
    Wait oh my god what is he eating?
    Is it...
    It CAN'T be!
    Oh my god!
    That guy/girl is eating a stick of shi*! Oh my god!

    While I CAN imagine some good times to give it as a gift, can you imagine someone actually eating it!??!