Saturday, August 22, 2009

No, thanks.

I may be in desperate need of new throw pillows,
but I'll pass on this
uterus on steroids,
complete with killer fallopian tubes.

It looks fertile.
I'd be afraid it might attack me.


  1. that is just plain ridiculous. Who wakes up and thinks, "today I'll make a pillow in the shape of a gigantic uterus!"

    Not me.

  2. Ohhhh Feminism taken TOO far!
    Can you imagine trying to explain it to your boyfrinds mother if she came across it!!!

  3. Here's a nice cuddly colon to go with your uterus:

    Be sure to read the entire description - it comes with a treat in the end of it!

  4. Your website is so hilarious, I put it on my blog and am sending EVERYONE i know here! I'm cracking UP. Who are these people?!

    Let's hope there are oodles of them out there, so you have material for years!

  5. Yay, i can't wait to see the colon on here - no problem at all giving me credit. It's an honor! Thanks!

  6. AND why on earth would anyone be hugging it?!!! What is next male reproductive organs for her to love and cuddle up with at night?!

  7. This is now one of my favorite blogs ever. ^^ This is hilarious, your descriptions are just so funny. :-) I'd have to agree on this pillow, I'd just laugh at it from afar and be too afraid to actually touch it, lol. :-)