Friday, July 17, 2009

tighty whities

So, you have nothing to wear.
Your husband's underwear have skidmark stains on them.
Why not solve two problems at once?
Cut a hole, thus removing the stain, slip it over your head.
Then go out in public.
Nobody will ever know...


  1. hahahahaha. thats funny.

    Will you please follow my blog at ? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks =]

  2. Lol! I'm loving your blog! I just hope I don't end up on it some day :)

  3. Very very very scary.
    and yet very very funny.
    Keep 'em coming!!
    I'm glad I discovered this blog!!!

  4. I was just pointed in the direction of this blog and LOVE IT! All the things that I say in my head said out loud :) Can't wait to pass this on!!

  5. Oh MY. I had to keep looking. I wanted to look away, really. I thought, surely, you MUST be wrong on this....

    OH MY. There is simply nothing more I can say. Except that I want to burn my eyes to get that image out of my head LOL

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter! Hope I never make your blog ;)

  6. ugh...pardon me while I go gouge out my mind's eye...