Friday, July 31, 2009

displays gone wrong

{post courtesy Louise at The Thirty-Something Bride;
submitted by Tegan}

I've noticed an alarming and freakishly scary thing about those Esty sellers: the model heads they use to display their wares.

The best of the offenders.
This one is not so bad really. Decent hairstyle, but the soft wrap and no shoulders is distracting.

The dead, dead soul wearing a lovely orchid.

This reminds me of Japanese anime. Big, giant eyes and snap-on hair.

Really? No, really? Is there anyone out there who would actually purchase this product based on this display? This actually scares me a little bit.

So just to be clear, not busting on the product. Just thinking a living model, of any kind, would be better than the very scary heads used in some of the photos. I'm just sayin'.
Thanks, Louise!

We wanted in on the creepy display model fun, too.

Wow, you really couldn't just wait for an
actual human to pose with?!


  1. Wow. I thought the second picture was Shannon Doherty. And as for the last close-up pic, I wasn't aware that it was chic to wear a garter on your head! Where have I been??!? :)


  2. That last photo is downright inappropriate.

  3. So. So. the products, not jiving with the display.

  4. This site is awesome!! I look forward to every new post!

  5. Your blog rocks!! Kepp up the good work.